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Hello everyone! 

This is my first blog post and I didn't know whether to write about my personal life or my new whipped soaps coming out for Christmas! But I guess I will throw in a little of this and a little of that! 

The new Christmas whipped soaps include the following: Whobilation, Brownie Batter, Christmas Cookie, Hazelnut Marshmallow Fluff, Butter Mints, and Monkey Farts Christmas Edition! I actually come up with and create all the scents and labels! I carefully created each product from my own fond childhood memories of Christmas.

I remember being obsessed with How The Grinch Stole Christmas growing up and I knew I wanted to dedicate one of the new scents to the town of Whoville. Every year in Whoville The Who's celebrate Christmas with a whobilation party (Hence our new product "Whobilation")! 

Next up is Brownie Batter and this one was inspired by my dad's famous brownies! Now there was nothing special about the actual recipe because the mix was store bought. But there was always something magical about my dad making those brownies. Just the thought always makes me smile. I remember watching my dad in the kitchen mix all the ingredients in his big red mixing bowl and he would always say "Now Aida, the trick is not to over mix the batter!" 

The last product that I just needed to include in this holiday collection was Butter Mints! So to give you a backstory the house that I grew up in, in my opinion, was hands down the most enchanting house that I have ever been in! The house was tucked away, surrounded by trees and resembled a small castle in my imagination. Anyways there was one specific Christmas when I was maybe 6 or 7 that has always stuck with me. I remember the house smelling like fresh pine + cinnamon and my mom had classic Christmas music playing in the living room. It was so nice dancing around with my two older brothers and older sister while we hung ornaments on the tree. After we were done I sat down on the couch and dug my hand in the glass bowl that was filled with butter mints and popped a couple in my mouth. Later that night when we were done opening the presents my dad grabbed one last present for my mom. She opened the small box and it was a shiny diamond on a gold band and I remember how sweet that moment was for everyone. (When they first got married my dad couldn't afford a nice wedding ring for my mom) So to this day Butter Mints take me back to that special childhood memory of Christmas. 

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Awe, love your story about butter mints!

November 18, 2017 at 20:34pm

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