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Overnight Beautifying Facial Elixir (1.7 oz)


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Absolutely a must have... ride or die product in your skincare routine!

Our overnight beautifying Facial Elixir is completely ALL NATURAL. We carefully blend 9 cold pressed organic natural oils with one of the most luxurious essentials oils on the market (ylang ylang). We also offer this miracle elixir with the option to add an addition essential oil - Lavender Essential Oil with an addition small charge. Although the Oil container may seem like a small amount of product (1.7 oz) Only 1-2 Drops are needed for each application to the face + neck. 

Intended for daily use and is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

This product is meant to be used as an overnight facial oil to moisturize, plump, rejuvenate, and essentially turn back the clock on your skin! But this product can be added to any body lotion/ body butter to add a boost of skin benefits. The beautifying elixir may also greatly benefit your hair & cuticles. Run a few drops of oil in damp hair after a shower and experience the amazing results once hair is dry. You can also use this oil as a healthy deodorant alternative! 

Although there might be many facial oils to choose from, ours is one of the highest quality and most affordable elixirs on the market. You won’t find another facial oil with at least 5 of the ingredients we use for less than $24! 

Ingredients: camelina oil, d-limonene (citrus terpenes), evening primrose oil, meadowfoam seed oil, neem oil, sweet almond oil, ylang ylang essential oil,  golden jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and Lavender essential oil (optional)

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