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Watchman - Bath Soak (1 lb)

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Watchman - Bath Soak (1 lb)

Watchman - Bath Soak (1 lb)


Dealing with TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) for a year has been quite a journey! But I didn't let it get me down, and instead, I found a unique way to help my skin heal and rebuild without resorting to harmful prescription medication. Guess what? I switched to taking baths instead of showers, and let me tell you, it has made a world of difference!

During this process, I created my own special bath salts that have been a game-changer in my journey towards healthy skin. These salts have worked wonders by soothing my open wounds, while also relieving my eczema and dermatitis. I am thrilled to have found this natural and effective solution to help my skin heal and feel amazing!

-Aida Walker founder of Glory Cloud USA

To prepare a relaxing bath, it is recommended to measure 3/4 cups of bath salt and carefully pour it into a bathtub that is being filled with warm water. Once the bath salt has dissolved evenly, you may proceed to enjoy a soothing soak.

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